Dear Self.

2017 to 2018.

Finally you survived the year when you turned 17. You’re still 17, yet you’ve already been through so many things.

You were faced against different people in your life. And you finally found that not everybody were being nice to you although you were to them. You’ve been hurted by them, psychologically. You’ve been in a very low self-esteem, and they drown you deeper rather than to let you breathe.

You found hate. And you hated yourself even more.

You sure cried a lot this year. For all the happiness and struggle. You could barely even smile and stand on your feet. They would stab you on your back. They throw you away. No matter how hard it is for you to stay alive, they would try to kill you, and your dreams too.

But, see? You survived.

Now it’s time to finally realize that you are stronger than you’d ever thought. Face them. It’s okay to cry, but later then, you need to get up. They don’t even worth your tears. Speak louder! Learn to say no to the things that you don’t like. You deserve better.

Learn to love yourself more. You deserve to be happy.

To the ones who’ve hurt you, let them go, let them laugh at you. Let them be, and just smile. No more tears. Say goodbye properly, and time to time they’ll realize how strong you were back then.



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