Social Network (Bad Points)

Addiction – Internet is also can be an addiction to all the people. Online game, facebook, twitter, you maybe find yourself spending so much time for those things. All we have to do is just manage our time wisely. Because no one will regret the time you spend too much but you. It can lead us to not paying attention in the real world.

Share too much information – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, you maybe expose so many stories of yours that many people can see it. Maybe you want to be famous, but it can be a danger too if you share too many of your stories in the social media. Bad people will see your stories, photos, and whatever. They can manipulate your data, your profile, and your photo. So just don’t expose everything you have on social media because it can be dangerous for you. You don’t have to show your every important thing, because there are so many bad guys waiting to manipulate.

Cybercrime – Of course crime is not only happened in a real world, it also happened in social networks. Hackers, crackers, we have to be aware of them. There are so many cases of cybercrime, like bank robbery, website takeoverings, and so on.


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