Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish (Steve Jobs)

1. Connecting The Dots

Steve Jobs dropped out from college, but he finally learn calligraphy when he saw it in a campus. He just wanted to do something new. His calligraphy skill helped him to make the typography in Macintosh computers. He believed that if he never dropped out then something like this will never happened. He said that we can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them by looking backward.

2. Love and Loss

When he was 30, he was fired from his own company. But he didn’t give up. He was rejected but still in love with his passion. So he launched NeXt and PIXAR. PIXAR was really successful with the animated movie named Toy Story and NeXT was purchased by Apple. Finally he got back to his company. The lesson is that we have to keep looking and don’t settle.

3. Death

He got cancer in his pancreas. Doctor said that it was incurable, so the doctor told him to say goodbye. But, when he got other biopsy, the doctor cried. The doctor found out that it was curable. The lesson is “Your time is limited, live your life and have courage”.


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