My Ability

We discussed about talents and ability with Miss Mariya, also the things that we like to do. We have to make the list of those things and pick one thing that we would like to develop. I have so many things on my list, but I think I would like to choose writing.

I love writing since I was an elementary school student. I love reading, that’s why I also love writing. I tend to write almost everything. I wrote stories, I wrote the things that I did in my diary. I even tried to write a novel and send it to some publishers, but it never happened. My stories were always unfinished. I felt tired, and frustrated, so I quit writing when I was in junior high school, where there were so many things to do.

I started writing again when I got in to senior high school. I finally did a scientific writing with my friend for a competition. It makes me get the desire to start again. It also makes me regret that I ever quit writing in junior high school. I realize that there’s no excuse. I even did a scientific writing while there are also so many things to do in high school. Someday I read my old stories that I wrote, I realize that I also write in English but it’s still raw, and there are so many things to fix. That’s the reason why I want to develop my writing skill.

Basically, everybody writes but not everybody can be a good author. I have my own purposes on writings; I want to support people by conveying some moral messages from my stories; I want my writings to be an impact for everyone to do something good; I want my writings to be beneficial for the people.

These are the steps to develop my writings:

  1. Find what I want to write

There are so many kinds of writing. For me, I would like to write novels, or do some scientific writings. I want to convey some messages for the people and beneficial for the people around the world.

  1. Find the purpose of the writings

The next step is to find the purpose of writing. Someday I read my old unfinished novel. They’re all still raw, and I realize that I wrote with no purpose, it was just come out naturally from me. It’s also the reason why I never finished my novel. Finally when I start again with purposes, it’s easier for me now to write. It motivates me to write more because I want to share the untold message and give some knowledge through my stories and scientific writing.

  1. Practice, write every day

Honestly, I have so many tasks, homework, and so many things to do besides writing. I finally find that there’s no excuse to not write. I can do anything if I can manage my time. One of the ways is to make a schedule for writing. Moreover, how can I develop my writing skills if I don’t write?

  1. Read more, do research

The most important thing to do to develop writing skill are to read and to research. To enrich the vocabularies, to maintain the use of the words, I have to often read. I have to do some research, to make the writings make sense and appropriate.

  1. Challenge myself, do something out of the box

To develop my writing skills, I often challenge myself too. For instance, I have to write 5000 words in a day, I have to write at least 10 pages in a day, and so on. I also challenge myself by join some competitions to make myself go on to the next level, and evaluated.

  1. Share

Sharing is also important. I can get suggestions, and criticism. Critics are really good to develop my writing skills. I started sharing my stories in a writing website in March 2017. I can barely see myself got notice from people, even though I would like to get so many critics and suggestions from the people.


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