Social Network (Bad Points)

Addiction – Internet is also can be an addiction to all the people. Online game, facebook, twitter, you maybe find yourself spending so much time for those things. All we have to do is just manage our time wisely. Because no one will regret the time you spend too much but you. It can lead […]

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Dear, future kids. How do you define beauty? Maybe you will say that beauty is the perfections. The perfect faces, the perfect colors, the perfect shapes, and the perfect size. Yeah, they are the things that you can only see with your only bare eyes. They are sparkling, they are shining. They look so beautiful. Even […]

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My Ability

We discussed about talents and ability with Miss Mariya, also the things that we like to do. We have to make the list of those things and pick one thing that we would like to develop. I have so many things on my list, but I think I would like to choose writing. I love […]

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