Values are our important beliefs or our important priority in our life. We all have values. Some of us know, yet some of us don’t. We can say that our values reflect how we want our lives to look like. The decisions and purposes in our lives will be easier to choose and to achieve if we know our values. That’s why values are important.

We could have so many values and it’s not too bad for us to set the priority on our values. We can see what is more important for us and we can easily pursue our dreams. As we live our life, we think more, we explore more. There are some changes on our values or the priority of the values, but it’s okay. We all have a life to make some choices.

From the list that Ms. Kerry gave to me, I got my top three values.

1. Living true to my religious belief

Religion is our “life foundation”. Let’s imagine. How our lives will be if we don’t have a foundation? We will fall. The source of morals, what is good or what is bad for you, what is the truth, guidance, even knowledge, we can find them on our own religion beliefs.

2. Getting an education

Education is really important for our world, specifically for our own country. To develop the country, one of the way is to develop the generations. With a good education we can develop the young generations. Then, we can change the world.

3. Getting along with my family

Social life is important, too. Sometimes we have to balance it with religion and education. We can socialize with everybody in the world, at least with our family. Even if I love having time alone with myself, doesn’t mean I close the relationship between us.

From knowing my values, I discover what are the most important things in my life. What I have to do, how I should act, it truly depends on my values. My choices are up to me to choose, because I have my own values. I realize what is the purpose of my life, where is the path that I have to walk on.

From knowing everybody’s values, I realize that there’s no right or wrong decisions among us. It’s literally up to us with our values, we can’t judge others. All we have to do is being open minded. Let’s say that there’s no right or wrong, but we also have to think whether our values are good or bad. It’s because values are our reflections.


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