7 Habits To Be a Critical Thinker

  1. Truth Seeking

The point of speaking of the truth is the true information. If we are a true truth seeker, we will always want to find the secrets that life hides. Just ask some question to find it. If we look for the truth, we can increase our curiosities. Curiosity makes our brain works actively. That’s why this habit is really important to be a critical thinker.

  1. Open Mind

Everybody have their own opinions. Being open minded means we can accept the different opinions. It doesn’t mean we give up on our opinions, it means we can think on the different perspective. Our mind will have many limitless thoughts. If we have an open mind, means we also open to learn new things. Just don’t judge, there are so many possible solutions to solve a problem.

  1. Use Logic

If you use your logic then you can easily think in order. Simply think about the choices that we face in our life. Use your logic, to think on how the choice that we made can shape our life.

  1. Organized

Being organized means you can think in order to do anything. Set your own priority of your tasks is one of the example. Of course you get your own priority by thinking. You can save your time and life by doing something in the right order. By not wasting your time, your life can be more productive.

  1. Confident in Your Thoughts / Ability

To be a critical thinker, being confident in your thoughts or ability is important. If you have a golden thought and a great ability, don’t waste it. Use or share it to somebody, confidently. Just believe in yourself, just be honest with yourself.

  1. Question Things

This is related to truth seeking. If we seek for the truth, we should question things that we want to know. You can’t obtain the truth by just searching. The more you question things, the more you care, then the more you know what you want to know.

  1. Thoughtful

There are so many choices that we have. What we have to do is being thoughtful. Just think what could be the best for us. For the first time, maybe our choices went wrong. It’s alright, we can learn so many things from our mistakes. That’s why we have to be thoughtful in every choice.


The choice I made last year was having a journal of my own. In the journal I wrote, planned, and organized the things I had to do every day. I also tracked some other things, like habits. Let’s say that I tracked on how many glass of water that I drink, how many times I study, and so on. From a bunch of things that I have to do that day, I prioritized them one by one. Well, sometimes I’m tired of doing it but I don’t regret my choice, because I can organize my life better. This year I’m doing it again, and will do it again on the rest year of my life. So I can make every second of my life more meaningful and productive.



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