Fear is a sense of something that sometimes we want to avoid, is an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, and harm. Fear is usually bad, but it’s not always bad for us. Sometimes it is good to have fears, sometimes it is bad, depend on the fears.

Everybody has fears. Include me.

I’m afraid I can’t get an internship. Going abroad to learn something new is one of my goals and when I take a look of myself deeper, I still can’t feel myself worth it. Why? Because I’m too quiet, I think. It’s stopping me to improve more and better. It also happened in my school. The teachers hardly notice me, and it doesn’t feel right.

I know. I have to change. I have to work and study harder, be more active, more confident. Say what I want to say and share what I want to share, although it is really tough. That is how I overcome it. Now I can see myself starting to be more active than before. I can feel my hands are lighter than before just to be raised. I know I can improve myself better.

You are probably what you think you are. I am probably what I think I am.

I think… I can do it and I’m worth it. 🙂



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