My Goals and Myself


Goals are the things that we want to do or we want to achieve. I have so many goals in my life. One of them is about the goals for the English Program that I’m joining now. From the program, I learn that our goals have to be SMART (Specify, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timed). For this program, my goal is obviously speak English fluently, without thinking too much, so I can be more talkative when I speak English. I also want to have a dream of me speaking English in my sleep. -I hope so. 😀

Basically, after I join this program I will speak English fluently and it comes deeply from me.

If we think about the goals, then of course we have to think on how to achieve it, if we don’t, our goals will be useless. If I want to speak English fluently there are so many things I have to fix from myself. Basically this is how I will fix myself.

1. Understand (and Memorize) Vocabularies. – To speak English, we have to understand some vocabularies at least 2500-3000 vocabularies. To achieve that amount of vocabularies, every day I have to memorize and understand at least 10 new vocabularies.

2. Get Someone To Talk With. – If I want to speak English fluently, then I have to practice and practice. Just get someone to talk with. But the point is we have to be brave enough to speak with them. For me, I’ll work hard to get rid of my shyness.

3. Self-Talk. – I often do this when I don’t have someone to talk. I almost do this every night before I go to bed, talking just to myself with English. I often talk to myself about some random things. Reading books out loud can be a self-talk, too.



I would like to say that I’m really afraid of being wrong. It makes me always want to avoid it. It’s okay to make mistakes sometimes, but it’s not quite okay for me. I’m afraid of being wrong, but it doesn’t mean I’m afraid to explore more. I know not everything has to be perfect, but for me it’s important. It makes me always try to do something right. If it’s not right, then it’s not okay for me.

If I’m wrong, I try to calm myself up. Sometimes maybe I blame myself, but I feel relieved. I take my mistakes as my reflections. Like for example, when I failed my exam, I can make myself calm. I indeed blame myself first, but after that I keep myself spirit. “It’s okay, next time get an A! Just study harder and smarter!”. I rarely cry because I’m busy thinking why I failed and how to do it right next time when I join again.

I can always keep myself calm if I make a mistake. Take it as a reflection and make sure to fix it. I like myself as a reflective person.


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