There are so many things that we can do to be happy. One of them is by being grateful for big or even small things. Let’s write our own gratitude journal! February 20th, 2017 Today Ms. Kerry teaches us about happiness. It’s all about the things that we could do to be happy. One thing […]

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7 Habits To Be a Critical Thinker

Truth Seeking The point of speaking of the truth is the true information. If we are a true truth seeker, we will always want to find the secrets that life hides. Just ask some question to find it. If we look for the truth, we can increase our curiosities. Curiosity makes our brain works actively. That’s why […]

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Fear is a sense of something that sometimes we want to avoid, is an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, and harm. Fear is usually bad, but it’s not always bad for us. Sometimes it is good to have fears, sometimes it is bad, depend on the fears. Everybody has fears. Include me. […]

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My Goals and Myself

SMART GOALS Goals are the things that we want to do or we want to achieve. I have so many goals in my life. One of them is about the goals for the English Program that I’m joining now. From the program, I learn that our goals have to be SMART (Specify, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timed). For this program, […]

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“Change? What change? Hmm… Maybe I could change. How could I change? Wow, look how I’ve changed… Oops, I failed.” So, my bad personality is that I’m a shy person. But it is not that I’m too shy. I enjoy all my time talking to the people around my age, I love talking too, but just […]

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Program Pembelajaran Komunitas Bahasa Inggris (PPKBI) Bengkulu Selatan 2017

Terima kasih kepada Pemerintah Kabupaten Bengkulu Selatan yang telah memberikan kami kesempatan dalam Program Pembelajaran Komunitas Bahasa Inggris (PPKBI) pada tahun ini untuk kami yang beruntung dan layak. Kesempatan dalam mengikuti program pembelajaran ini benar-benar sangat berharga bagi kami, untuk itu kami akan terus belajar, berusaha, dan bekerja keras dengan sungguh-sungguh agar rasa terima kasih […]

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